Make My Blood Thump 7,8,9

"I sort of don't trust anyone who doesn't like Led Zeppelin." -Jack White









Homme got caught by surprise supporting the cause (x)

wet ginger holla

swingin his arms around n shit

I thought he was gonna puke
now the question is who threw the water????

someone who can reach that high

so not brody

they could be on a ladder….. I thought it was Troy at first but he’s tiny….
Brian o’Connor maybe??? he’s super tall right? but he’s out in the desert hm…. IT’S PROBABLY JESSE
someone needs to speed it up ‘cause I can’t listen to that slo mo shit over and over again

i feel like it might be jesse

or maybe troy???????????????????? i felt like it might be troy anyway

I think I’m leaning towards Jesse
He’s a practical joker kinda trickster
Troy just likes to stir shit up and watch

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"I really burnt my penis putting that hot gun back in my pants after that. That put me out of commission for at least ten days." - Charlie Hunnam, 2x13 commentary.

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